I.I.S.  ITC 2 “ Cesare  Beccaria” is Higher education institution in Carbonia, which is one of the main towns in South West Sardinia. Our school, unique in the area, offers day courses for young students and evening courses for workers and adults.

At the main office of the Carbonia  school we offer courses in administration, finance and marketing, courses on ICT, courses on tourism. In the schools of Santadi and Villamassargia we offer professional courses of services for agriculture and for the promotion and marketing of agricultural products.  It is a public school and the main provider of vocational and adult education and training. A certain part of the 600 students come from disadvantaged areas and face problems of social exclusion and at risk of dropping out of school. Unfortunately, the economic fierce crisis that hit the mining and industrial sectors, traditional core of the local economy, has led to difficulties and social, economic and financial tensions in families of our students.  In fact we have had an increase in learning difficulties due not only to the lack of motivation and family stimuli, but also to the economic difficulties of the same with negative repercussions on sons. In other cases, parental pressure on school results, causes states of anxiety and performance anxiety in students.

Other situations have highlighted learning difficulties related to pathologies and psychological disorders. In order to counteract some negative aspects, the I.I.S. Beccaria is committed to improving its learning environment through the use of educational and technological tools and creating innovative experiences.

I.I.S. Beccaria collaborates with local authorities and companies to develop students’ skills, attitudes and competencies by connecting theory and practice, the world of school and the world of work.

Our expectations from participating in the “Healthy Minds” project are as follows: acquire adequate tools to develop students’ awareness of discomfort and difficulties; improving the capacity and tools to support more effectively the people at risk; improve the timing of perception and detection of problems and discomfort and therefore the timeliness of intervention; improve the capacity and tools for involving parents with an early warning system and better cooperation between school and family; develop and implement effective actions to combat discomfort and school drop-out of young people; support our students also through the construction of innovative learning environments; improve skills levels.

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