Aleko Konstantinov

Vocational school of economics “Aleko Konstantinov” was founded in 1961 in town Kardzhali, which is located in the South Central region of the Republic of Bulgaria. Region of Kardzhali consists of seven municipalities and it is the only school supplying vocational training in economics. When students graduate they receive their Diplomas and also a Certificate for professional qualification according the economic subjects they study. Vocational training is in the following areas: Accounting and Taxation, Applied Informatics, Administration and Management, Finance, Banking and Insurance.

The school works very close with the local business which supplies working placements in different companies. Since 2001 the school has worked under many national and international programmes such as FAR, Leonardo da Vinchi – Mobility, Life Long Learning, Comenius- international partnerships, Erasmus + K1 and K2 activities and etc. The staff had an opportunity to visit host institutions in Italy, Greece, Turkey and Romania.

About 400 students aged from 14 to 19 from different ethnic groups are studying in the vocational school. Many of the students’ parents are working abroad to make their living. Students live with their grandparents or relatives. These students are at risk and our school is trying to provide support so they can be successful at their educational process. Teaching staff is not much qualified on mental health issues because this problem occurred recently. Bulgarian educational system didn’t pay attention to the students’ healthy mind and its relation to the success at school.

Joining the HEALTHY MINDS- WELLBEING AT SCHOOL project will help us to set up a system at school how to recognize, deal with problematic students behaviour, how to support and work with children at risk.

Contact details:

Nikolay Shukerski


mobile +359 896 918 809


Krasimira Zhivanova


mobile: +359 888 240 235