Welcome to Healthy Minds!

Healthy Minds is a project for teenage students and their teachers to help them cope with the stresses of modern day life.

In recent years the mental health of our young people has become a major issue, with a noticeable marked rise in problems within schools resulting in an adverse effect on the education of our young people.

The healthy minds project has developed a number of activities for young people, to allow them to look at issues which may concern them, and to do some practical things, to help them to see the issue in a new, and more rational light. 16 Units have been developed on the most popular issues that face young people today. We have developed short introductory videos, downloadable worksheets containing exercises such as fun quizzes and crosswords, as well as an online platform, with interactive exercises.

We have also developed curriculum materials for teachers to download and use in a classroom (or virtual classroom) setting.


We see this project as a primary opportunity to promote the acquisition of new skills within school by engaging pupils and students at all levels of the design and implementation of the project. And with a focus on ICT technologies we believe that engagement will be driven by their preference to operate in a digitally current environment. Discussions with our partner schools and several associate partners confirm these findings and comment that activities to encourage engagement and empowerment amongst pupils and students will help to change attitudes and encourage them to stick with their studies.

“As a youth organization focusing on young people at age 13-30. So many people of our target group are still at school. Our research shows that many of them meet difficulties at school such as bullying, anxiety, stress management problems, educational difficulties, etc. Having in mind, that Lithuania is in the first place of suicides…Helping them as soon as possible could improve results with self-esteem, being more creative, taking more initiative and staying at school”.

Inovacijų biuras (LT)

“The new knowledge-based society offers great possibilities for reducing social exclusion by opening up new ways of participating in society. Our project will make use of digital skills in devising the new curriculum. New information and communication technologies to encourage greater participation and understanding”.

Fundația Professional (RO)

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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